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Brand Name
Creating a memorable name is the first step in brand differentiation, but it is also one of the most critical parts of the brand building strategy. The right name significantly improves your chances of acquiring new customers, showing them the core values of your business, also generates customer loyalty and simplifies the marketing process.
After all, your company name is on you, so our job is to adapt the company profile to name the company to produce the desired end result.
We encourage our customers to design a summary that describes the goals they want to achieve with their name, mission and brand values. Once we have a clear idea of who you are, what your challenges are and what you hope to communicate with your new name, we immediately start working using different corporate naming strategies to create the best selected names. and this obviously marks all your expectations. We examine hundreds of names to reach the top 5 selected names that meet all the criteria.
As part of our brand naming process, our team conducts interviews with corporate executives, reviews brand information and engages in audits to develop a complete creative plan.
Brand Renaming
Growing companies typically expand their product and service lines to stay current and relevant to their customers' needs. This natural progress leads to obsolete and inherited brand names that no longer fit, seem obsolete or, worse still, "trick" customers into who you are and what you do. This evolution in business growth often requires re-branding. When considering the renaming of a company, the new trade name should reflect the company's key attributes and skills. So renaming is more sustainable and expandable as the company grows. We offer the service to ensure that your label selections reflect the company's goals and that they reflect the essence of who you are. If you are thinking of renaming the company or you are not sure that renaming the company is the right step, we will offer you a free and non-binding evaluation.

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The president of the Brunes Group, Geront Çela, with several years of experience in the construction sector, the production of some building materials and the trading of immobilized objects with a wide range in Albania, will create a new company. Brunes Group will join the Lobby Home. A 3000m2 shopping center where it will offer customers household items and more, at reasonable prices for everyone. The request of the president of this activity was that the name be memorable and simple to pronounce by Albanians and foreigners as this is the target group of this center. The Lobby name we have created in itself means a welcoming environment. So this name gives the message that everyone is welcome in the Lobby Home, which means that the customer will be offered maximum service for quality items at affordable prices. The lobby is such a simple and beautiful name with such broad content in its sense.

  • Articolabile
  • Modern
  • Memoriable
  • Identifying


A family business, a perfumery boutique in Tirana that would soon be different in the eyes of customers, turned to our agency for the company naming service. Having practiced the profession for several years in the field of cosmetics, arming each other in the family, they wanted each other the initials with this name. In addition to synchronizing these names, we have also given a meaning to this name. Flos is a characteristic flower that attracts butterflies with its dizzying scent, which is said to be perfectly suited to the message it conveys in the field of perfumery. In addition, Flosanda is a feminist name and gives you the feeling of beauty and attraction.

  • Melodious
  • Feminine
  • Attractive
  • Impulsivo


Prof. Dr. Antonio Rizzo, specialized in skin care and beauty treatments in Italy, came to us with the desire to create a pompous and worthy name for the services he offers in the field of beauty and aesthetic medicine. As an entrepreneur in a clinic and beyond, he has provided us with the right information and data in this field. Glampure, this innovative and very attractive name gave a positive feeling to dr. Antonios. This feeling is explained simply in the sense of this name. Two words have been synchronized: Glam represents feminine splendor, beauty and graphics and Pure represents self-care, feminine kindness, skin service and aesthetics. Undoubtedly after dr. Antonios, from this name withdrew the target group that we were aiming for this business.

  • Pompous
  • Attractive
  • Prestige
  • Effective


Biofam is an organic food market. With a strong desire to provide customers with quality products and controlled foods, this company turned to us to create a name that conveys this message. Bio derives from the word biological while Fam from the word family. This name best illustrates that Biofam brings the best foods on the market to every family's table. It is a meaningful, simple and warm name for the listener.

  • Articulable
  • Identifying
  • Memoriable
  • Creative

Green on Repeat

Repeat Wellnes would be an innovation in the culinary field to offer dietary and healthy foods to clicks. Based on the Repeat keyword introduced by this company, we created the name Green on Repeat. This name, in addition to proving that it is part of Repeat Wellnes, gives the message that it is concerned with continuously supplying healthy food to the consumer. It is a memorable name and is characterized by the service offered by this company.

  • Innovative
  • Identifying
  • Memoriable
  • Attractive

Macchelato 500

Alfred Karajani, a professional in the field of gastronomy, brought the ice cream service in an old Fiat 500 car to Albania for the first time. Attracted by Italian culture and a passion for ice cream, he will exercise this innovation in the capital of Tirana. We have studied all the key points that it would offer to the customer and we have created a "Macchelato" concept. We synchronized the two words, Machina (fiat 500) and Gelato (ice cream). This name conveys warmth and attraction to listeners and not only brings Italian culture closer to us, but also creates an affection for shopping.

  • Innovative
  • Articulable
  • Memoriable
  • Attractive


A Mexico-based cosmetic company turned to our agency for a commercial name search. For a wider market than Mexico, this company wanted a universal name that was easily pronounced. So we created the name PurAma, where two words were combined. Pure that represents beauty and purity and Ama that represents the desire for care and devotion for oneself. It is a beloved and warm name and in this case this cosmetic line is easily accessible by the consumer.

  • Articulable
  • Identifying
  • Momoriable
  • Modern


Cosmos Viroi Shpk would bring cleaning products and not only to the Albanian market. For a pompous and characteristic name in the company typology, he turned to our agency. By studying the factory and its productivity, we created the name Amvis, a short and articulated name for all ages. Amvisa is a name in the Albanian dictionary and translates as the woman who knows how to clean the house. Having said that, this name creates an affection for the purchase and this is an advantage for the production facility they own. In addition to being a simple and easy to remember word, it is also a word that best represents the category of products they offer to consumers.

  • Articulable
  • Attractive
  • Memoriable
  • Prestige
Logo Design
The Logo,as your most powerful business weapon is given a special importance during the design process from our professional staff. As an important part of your company's marketing strategy, the Logo is designed so that you make the difference in the competitive market of the category you represent. Logo assists your brand in the market by establishing strong links with the existing but also with the future customers. Urbanus offers the logo design service through our creative and professional staff. We work to make your logo become the pride of your business and work harder for its conceptual understanding and aesthetic by developing it according to a thorough and thoughtful research.
Visual Identity
In order for a business to be successful, it must have a clear and understandable image by the target group to which it is addressed,thus the creation of visual identity is one of the basic processes in branding a company and the first step in promoting it in the market. Creating visual identity means basically applying your brand values in every aspect of it. What is involved in it? This category includes designs such as brochures, leaflets, leaflets A4-A3, banner, citylight, sales catalogs, packaging, accessories, staff uniforms etc. All these personalized. Depending on the type of company we offer other complementary elements, such as creationportfolio for studios, packs, photo sets, video makers, etc.

In this category, these services are included:

Basic Visual Identity
Flyer 1/3 A4
Business Cards
Blocks (A3, A4, A5)
Letter Heads
Standart Visual Identity
Flyer 1/3 A4
Flyer A4
Business Cards, Banner
Bllok (A3, A4, A5)
Badge, Pens
Letter Heads
Table calendars, Stamp
Envelope , Blocks, USB, Sticker
Full Visual Identity
Flyer 1/3 A4, Pens
Flyer A4, Envelopes
Business Cards, Blcoks
Banner, Usb
Block (A3, A4, A5), Table flags
Badge, Packets
Letter Heads, Staff Uniforms
Table calendar, Open Sign
Stamp, Ceramic glass
CD - Cover, Stickers
All of these are personalized. We offer other elements, based on your company profile.
* Catalogs are not included because their price depends on how many papers they have.
Promo Video
The spot is a well-thought-out and well-conceived audio-visual presentation in its entirety, which main purpose providing and knowing your business service. These advertising spots are designed to promote your business and its products / services. The duration of the spot is relatively short in order to leave as many elements as possible public memory, and consequently increased consumer interest. If your business attends various exhibitions / fairs and activities and needs one worthy presentation, the best suggestion in this case is the promotional spot. This way of promotion is for to make your company 's message simple and tangible to your audience and to giving them the opportunity to interact with the public.

* Awesome presentation
* Business promo
* Activities and expos

Promotional Spots + Photos

* Videograph
* Directing
* Strategy
* Scene
* Audio Effects
* Professional / HD
* Go Pro / Drone Camera
* Creative Ideas
* Marketing Concept
* Insta- Story Resize
Marketing Campaign
A complete marketing strategy leads you to clarify the key points, who your audience will be. your target. Marketing campaigns promote products through different types of media, such as television, radio, blog portals, popular media characters, bloggers, etc. Marketing campaigns can be created for a variety of purposes, including brand publishing on market , launching a new product, increasing sales of a product already on the market, or reducing the impact of negative news. Determining the purpose of a campaign usually dictates how necessary the marketing campaign is and which media are most effective for reaching a particular segment of the audience.

For an effective marketing campaign:

* Periodic publication on Top Albania Radio
* Dedicated articles on: Tirana Post, Revista Class, Annabel etj.
* Public persons and Blogers will post at their social networks
* Clear content
* Dynamic message
* Photo set
Website, Social Media & Digital Marketing
Every business that offers services and products needs the digital marketing service because only in this way the opportunity to get new customers is much greater. Through the digital channels that Urbanus offers, you have the opportunity to be among the first on various platforms such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.
We offer:
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Pay Per Click Ads
SMM (Social Media Marketing)
Email Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
SEO is one of the key elements that your website should have. With a SEO perfectly developed by Urbanus experts you have the opportunity to benefit visitors on your site who are directly interested in your services. We enable your business to be in the first places when required in search engines for services of what your business offers.

(PPC Reklamimi Pay per Click)
PPC advertising, or paid-per-click advertising, is one of the fastest but also the best ways to gain a place at the top of Google or Bing search results, as well as on websites and digital platforms. where your target audience spends more time navigating.
We offer:
  • Creating and managing Google AdWords campaigns
  • Creating and managing social media campaigns
  • (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads)
  • Creating and managing ads on Youtube

SMM - Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is essential for businesses to reach their customers. Proper social media management brings tremendous success to your business.
The service we offer includes:

  • Create and manage your site
  • Posts about your services created with a high level of professionalism and creativity
  • Posts on schedules where the audience is higher
  • Monthly editorial plan for an audience as high as possible
  • Photoshoting
  • Creating videospots

Email Marketing
The power of email in the field of marketing is extremely powerful when used for business. For this reason we offer marketing campaigns with creative and attractive design. Through our campaigns you can send to potential customers services or products of your business, you can also use email marketing campaigns to notify existing customers about offers or price reductions.

By reflecting on your work, you are the ones who decide on the impact you will have on your customers. The web is present 24 hours in 7 days a week and can be visited by anyone, anytime. It is a smart and contemporary tactic when it comes to Business. In order to increase profits, all businesses should consider the need to create the Web as a decisive element in their performance. Through your official site, you are offered the opportunity to measure the results of your site in real time by getting customer information and the performance of the products you offer.

For your website to be successful, it should include:

* Well-structured structure
* Clear content
* Understandable message
* Unique and functional design

Website creation and it's maintaining

Photo set + video + enhancing + unique identity creation

Visual identity creation on social networks and it's maintaining

Photo set + video + enhancing + unique identity creation

*Photos and videos, will be uploaded when the audience is at it's maximum peak
Legal Protection
Information on the field of intellectual property can bring you exclusive legal and financial rights on the products and services your business offers. The name of the company is one of the most valuable assets and the entrepreneur can benefit from the rights deriving from it, if it applies for trademark registration and trade patent. The importance and benefits of the trademark and trade patent for companies: By means of legal protection you protect the name / image of the company and in case of imitation, gives you full rights to your trademark / patent. The benefit of economic rights at the moment when the trademark or trade patent are registered, by not allowing another producer to enter the market with the same brand by making profit of the work done by you. Legal protection of any company idea (regardless of whether is a product or service) when released into the market as original ideas and assurance from every attempt of other physical / legal persons to steal that idea. Trademarks and trade patent identify your productsin the market by giving identification characters from other similar products. The registration of the trademark and patent increases consumer confidence as the trend is against the original product nameproduced by the original creator. Trademarks and patented processes are protected for a 10 - year period, while patented products for a 20 - year period. After finishinglegal protection patents and trademarks can be renewed indefinitely. Resolution of disputes for the trademark costs more than its registration. The brand, though it is a non material good, it has a very large economic value, especially for those companies aiming at identifying the product with the brand. The legal protection packages that we offer include: preparationof legal documents, follow up procedures until possession of certificate for the registration of the national or / and international trademark/patent.

*Local administrative fees are included on price.

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