Actress: Egla Ceno & Gert Ferra

Type: Food Market

Client: BIOFAM

Deliverables: TV Commercial


TV Spot

Since 2019 BIOFAM offers a wide range of food products and not only, for all age groups.With an experience in serving and delivering BIO products, it has turned into one of the most loyal shops in the market. While creating the partnership we designed the whole business brand from its start. We managed to fulfill the purpose and  the mission of BIOFAM from the brand name till the logo design. But we did not stop there! The time has come for us to lunch on television, with a campaign dedicated to the maximum quality and service that BIOFAM offers. 

Beginning with the script, the casting, the realization of this spot, a professional team of 20 people was dedicated t oenhance the values ​​and context of this business. We created a funny scenario which both partners fell in love and within 3 weeks it turned into a professional TV spot, fulfilling the reality with “a little” sarcasm.

The script contained the role of a naive woman with class and prestige, who had to prepare a very important dinner. From daily commitments she chose to buy the most special igredients to the first person who came across, but still didn’t not know it was the wrong one. A villager of the area, all lazy, acted as if he was listening to the lady’s strange requests. Indifferently and a little annoyed by her, he began to fill the bags with what was in front of him. The lady on the other hand panicked, starts insisting that the products had to be fresh, without knowing what products he was putting in the bags.

He, already angry with the lady, takes the fan he had near him and pointed the fan towards the lady’s face to cool her off. She takes the fan, stands shocked near the counter and without making a sound leaves trying not to show the embarrassement.

The message is very clear. There is no need to search for a long time for good and fresh products because, we can find them easily in BIOFAM.

The shooting was in one of the suburban areas of Tirana where the greenery and the sound of nature prevailed. The weather conditions were in our favor, 39 ° C, at 16:00 local time, in full accordance with the history and photography of the spot. A fruit and vegetable stall was built with all the details and the elements to give identity to the Albanian rural trade. It was positioned on the edge of a cornfield which gave a picturesque look to our plans.

Thanks to the costumeography and talent of the actor Gert Ferra, our character of a villager from Tirana, was performed in the most perfect way. Well-known actress Egla Ceno, in the role of a naive madam, gave the right touch to this spot, conveying humor and professionalism.

Director       Producer        Locations        GM & EX Producer        Set Designer           DOP               Scenographer

Costumographer          MakeUp Artist         Actess          Editor          Post Production

Director       Producer        Locations

GM & EX Producer        Set Designer

 DOP      Scenographer

Costumographer         MakeUp Artist

Actess          Editor          Post Production

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