Type : Pizzeria


Actress : Andi Begolli & Kristian Koroveshi

Deliverables : TV Commercial


TV Spot

One of the best pizzerias in Tirana is coming with a brand redesign and marketing strategy. Smart Pizza has the highest quality products and service that any customer deserves, has great missions and visions for the business.


To reflect these virtues our team created a genuine marketing strategy starting from the basic elements, to logo design, social media concept, delivery packaging brand, menu and uniforms, in the newest Smart Pizza place till the realization of the “Beyond Imagination” campaign.


We created a script for the TV spot that includes the beauty of the everyday life, just from a bite.

Smart Pizza will launch everywhere with this campaign, both online and offline marketing, so we got started!

Two guys in an apartment are eagerly waiting the arrival of the pizzas. The pizzas finally arrive at the spiciest hour of the day, at lunch. Impatient and hungry, they both open the box and waste no time to start eating.

One of the guys while eating the pizza, starts and comments on all the feelings it gives. Meanwhile the other guy carefully biting it as if it was delicate as crystal, as soon as he tastes it, starts daydreaming. An opera diva all in red, smiling and flirting at the camera in the most perfect way.

There, the daydreaming is stopped by the voice of the friend drawing attention to what he’s doing. The other guy, as soon as he opens his eyes, sees that he was giving the pizza to his friend. Embarrassed, to cover his shame, he approaches and bites it, thinking that he got away with it.

The shooting took place in an apartment in Tirana. A modern and cozy interior. The first scene was taken in the morning, while the second stage was built in the same apartment. Setting it up as an opera stage with the right lighting and clothing, we gave the perfect touch and the right message to the spot: “Enjoy Smart Pizza, beyond imagination!”

Director       Producer        Locations        GM & EX Producer        Set Designer           DOP               Scenographer

Costumographer          MakeUp Artist         Actess          Editor          Post Production

Director      Producer       Locations

GM & EX Producer    Set Designer

DOP     Scenographer

Costumographer     MakeUp Artist

Actess      Editor     Post Production

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