Brand Name &
Logo Design.

A cosmetics company based in Mexico, contacted our agency for the business name tracking service. For a wider market than that of Mexico, this company wanted a universal name to be easily pronounced. Thus we created the name PurAma, where two words are combined. * Pure that represents beauty and purity and * But that represents the desire for care and commitment to yourself. It is a loving, warm name and in this case this cosmetic line approaches the consumer more easily.


We developed a line of skincare products united through elegant and

metallic colors.

The Golden Box

The design of the boxes is focused on glamour, using gold color and a clean typography to deliver a powerful packaging.



All stars
in your skin

We inspired by the magic of the stars

To create the design box, which was paired with a blue and silver colour palette that conveys excitement to deliver a look that is elegant and modern at the same time.


What a


This is definitely appealing to the eye

Hidden inside the white and box with bronze touches, you will be delighted to discover the jar design. Every detail acts as a gentle visual reminder every time you open the box.

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